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Official name: DTMP Science and Technology Park of Debrecen, Nonprofit Ltd.

Main office: Hungary, Debrecen, 18/C Bem Square, ZIP code: H-4026

Postal address: Hungary, Debrecen, Pf. 7., ZIP code: H-4039

Telephone: +36 52 783 950

Telefax: +36 52 781 391


About DTMP

The DTMP Science and Technology Park of Debrecen, Nonprofit Ltd. was founded in 1988. The founders of DTMP are the Municipality of Debrecen, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Nuclear Research (HAS INR), and two individuals. DTMP was one of the founders of The Hungarian Association for Innovation.

DTMP was founded to transfer knowledge and technology created in HAS INR to actors of industry and business, thus ensuring the development and utilization of research results, which results in scientific and technological developments reaching larger segment of society. During the years DTMP provided wide-range of services, including project management, innovation management, communication and dissemination, market research and business development. By supporting the development of local economy we created a researcher- and SME-friendly environment where our partners will be virtually incubated during their acceleration.

As a non-profit organization DTMP can help SMEs in (1) market research, to validate their project idea, (2) business development, to enhance their business influence, (3) dissemination of their project to the target audience. These services include innovation management between academy and industry, professional market research, financial management, image building (website, logo, mobile app, etc.), conference and event organization, partner search, and many other ways.

Based on two decades of experience we clearly see the importance of Open Innovation in SMEs. Innovation is the key element of development and in this globalized business environment everyone has to work together for enhancing their capacity. Nevertheless Open Innovation is still missing in Észak-Alföld region, the SMEs don’t adopt these practices. Through our extensive partnership of SMEs in the region we believe that our leading role can be the basis of this value creation in Észak-Alföld region. If you want to take the lead and participate in Open Innovation projects, get in touch with us!