Business Development

The idea is nothing without execution. After the validation you must implement your business idea, where come the pitfalls and common mistakes, but also comes the business success. You must be prepared to avoid pitfalls and to maximise your success. We personalised our business development services for SMEs, academic researchers and startup entrepreneurs.

Business development in SMEs often starts with an extensive analysis of business potential. Do we maximize all of our potential? Don’t we spend too much on our maintenance? Are we recognised by our clients? Do we have the ideal partnerships? These questions will be answered together with us. To utilize the maximum capacity of your business potential we create new channels. A general financial analysis can highlight your holes in the system where the money goes out without any effect. The image of your product or service can influence your clients and build your brand. A comprehensive, national and international partner search can raise you to the next level of business.

For academic researchers the most important question is the innovation management, including the agreement about the ownership of intellectual property by the research centre; including the support of funding negotiations for prototype creation; the alternatives of business opportunities; and the extension of partnership.

For startup companies the most important is the business model. In a competitive environment the inclusive partnership with external experts are the key of market success. Our packages for startup companies include all the relevant services from validation till market success.

Take the leap and head over your market! Bring your business into our virtual incubation process and generate your market success!